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Weekend Silver!

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Weekend Silver 6/17/23 X Posted Prices with spot = 24.29 and good until Sunday 5pm All deals subject to confirmation. 10 oz bars 265 ea 10x ST Buffalos 9x ST Eagles 7x ST Prospectors 20x Poured Eagle bars 7x Longhorn poureds 20x Liberty/Unity 6x East Indies (ship) 270 ea 3x Standing Britannias 270 ea Half of ten oz bars 9x Sunshine 5 oz 136 ea 10x 1 oz Sheets 7x Prospectors 273 ea 5x Buffalos 273 ea 7x Germania Kilos 840 ea 100 oz Engelhard 2675ea 100 oz Asahi 2675 ea 23x Buffalo rolls 535 ea 3x 2023 Philharmonics/20 555 ea 7x 2023 Britannia-King/25 695 ea 5x 2023 Krugerands/25 695 ea 2x 2023 Kangaroo/25 695 ea 12x 2023 Maple Leafs/25 713 ea

New shipping policy Orders below 1000 and < 11 oz ship 1st class for 5 Orders >1000 and > 11 oz must ship priority insured with signature confirmation for 11. If < $1000 ships for 9. Combine shipping, US only Tracking provided, guaranteed delivery Hundreds of successful transactions Build-a-box program I can hold items while you fill up a small flat rate box to minimize shipping cost. Material is posted all the time. Items must be paid for at time of purchase.

Payments: Yes I can take a check. Checks must clear prior to shipping. If you pay by a method that incurs fees, you will be responsible for the fees. Layaway is available for up to 3 months. PM for terms. Zelle Apple Pay 734-864-6920 Venmo (knowns only) @Andrew-Kolbert (no notes) Cashapp $ackolbert Deluxe e-check Wire Picture of check, front and back against dark background 90% US silver at my buy prices may be accepted in trade. Shop our inventory for current deals.

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