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Year End Kilos!

X Posted with spot = 24.09; see sheet for spot moves

KIlos 846 ea 3x JBR 3x IGR 1x APMEX 3x Hereaus Shipping 5 <= 10 oz & <900 9 for 10oz+, or > 900 Combine shipping, US only Tracking provided, guaranteed delivery Hundreds of successful transactions Build-a-box program I can hold items for up to 3 months while you fill up a small flat rate box to minimize shipping cost. Material is posted all the time. Items must be paid for at time of purchase. Wholesale orders: I can order quantities of anything I carry and many things I don't. If you want larger quantities of something than I have on hand, PM me for arrangements as it is likely possible

Payments: For large amounts, I can take a deposit and a check. If you pay by a method that incurs fees, you will be responsible for the fees. Layaway is available for up to 3 months. PM for terms. Zelle Apple Pay 734-864-6920 Venmo @Andrew-Kolbert (knowns only, no notes) Cashapp $ackolbert Deluxe e-check Wire Picture of check, front and back against dark background 90% US silver at my buy prices may be accepted in trade.

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