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Buffalo silver rounds are 1-ounce silver rounds featuring the iconic design of the American Buffalo, also known as the Bison. These rounds are often made of .999 fine silver and are popular among both investors and collectors. The design is inspired by the famous Buffalo Nickel, created by James Earle Fraser in 1913.

Here are some key points about Buffalo silver rounds:


1. Design:

  • The obverse side typically features the profile of a Native American chief, inspired by Fraser's original design for the Buffalo Nickel.
  • The reverse side often showcases a depiction of an American Bison, adding to the iconic imagery.


2. Silver Purity:

  • Buffalo silver rounds are commonly made of .999 fine silver, indicating a high level of purity.


3. Weight:

  • These rounds are typically minted in 1-ounce denominations, making them a convenient choice for both investors and collectors.


4. Private Minting:

  • Buffalo silver rounds are often produced by private mints rather than government mints. Popular private mints include Elemetal, Asahi, Silvertowne, Sunshine Minting, Highland Mint, and others.


5. Aesthetics:

  • The Buffalo design is well-regarded for its classic and aesthetically pleasing appearance, making these rounds appealing to collectors.


7. Pricing:

  • Prices for Buffalo silver rounds are influenced by the current silver market.


8: Shipping:

  • Single rounds are shipped in flips, multiples of 20 in tubes

Buffalo 1 oz Silver Rounds

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