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Draped Bust Dollar, a Rare Coin


Rare coin inventory is on ebay. Contact us directly for discounts
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Silver Bullion


Buying silver is an excellent way to hedge against inflation.  We have coins, rounds, and bars of every conceivable size.

Gold Coins


Gold is a great store of value. It is available in many forms, from semi-numismatic gold to modern coins like American Gold Eagles, and bars.

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About Us

Welcome to The First Dollar!  We’re a coin and bullion dealership in Ann Arbor, MI. We sell on ebay at

Ebay Store


and our Facebook group  or buy from the Google Sheet to get the best deals on gold and silver bullion

Bullion Store

If you see something you like on ebay, contact us for discounts.

The complete numismatic inventory is on ebay, while bullion is sold through this site and Facebook.

Send us your want lists! We love searching at shows for coins for your collection and will give you first option prior to them being posted. 


We setup at 40+ shows a year and travel to many more.

We supply our clients with the best deals on common collectibles coins, and also guarantee competitive prices for buyers and sellers alike. We also have a fantastic portfolio of rarer items that will tempt any collector. 

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