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Books and Links

This page is for interesting links and resources for numismatics and bullion. 


Michigan Coin Shows

Bust Dollar Attribution Guide is a way to walk through the attribution of bust and flowing hair dollars without the tedious process of using Bolendar's book. 

Coin Community Family - A great discussion group of coins and precious metals

Fechtwanger's cent, Attribution Guide

Numismatic References for All Levels - Click on Links to purchase
Essential References on Numismatics

Red Book 2022
This is the definitive text for coins in the US and the first book a new collector should buy!  The prices herein are what one would expect to pay retail for the coins, but the biggest draw of this book is the comprehensive information on each date and series.

For an even more comprehenisve look at US coins, check out the 

Mega-Red Book 7th Edition
Which is an expanded version of the Red Book by Q. David Bowers. This book has great plates and high resolution pictures of die varieties in all series. A must for a serious collector.

Just in from April 12th, 2022 is the expanded spiral bound 2023 Red Book!
Red Book Expanded 2023

For a guide as to what to expect dealers to pay for your coins, the Blue Book is a classic reference
Blue Book 2022


Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900

The Comprehensive guide to World Coins 19th Century

Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000

The Comprehensive guide to World Coins 20th Century

Introductory Survey Books

A great book for the new collector is 

Coin Collecting for Beginners




Coin Collecting- A Coin Collectors Guide to Making Money



Coin Collecting For Dummies Paperback - presale May 17th

Are you ready to start collecting coins but aren’t sure where to start?Then you’re looking at the right book!





Discover a new hobby—or refine your existing techniques—with this practical coin collecting handbook

In Coin Collecting For Dummies, professional rare coin dealer Neil Berman delivers a hands-on and fun guide to the intriguing hobby of numismatics—also known as coin collection! You'll learn how to buy, sell, grade, value, handle, and store your coins, as well as how to decide what kind of coins you should collect and how to assemble or diversify your collection.

2022 Redbook
Coin Collecting- A Guide to Making Money
Mega Redbook
2022 Blue Book
2023 Redbook
Coin Collecting
World Coins Guide
World Coins
Coin Collecting for Dummies
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