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On Shows

What shows should you setup at as a new dealer? You will find in any major area dozens of shows. There are the regular monthly shows, then the club shows, then the State shows, and let’s not forget the regional and national shows. If you try, you could setup at 50-70 shows a year. The bulk of your shows at the beginning will be the smaller local monthlies and the club shows which are single day shows with table fees on the order of $50 - $100.

There are what we call good shows and bad shows, but unless a show is so poorly marketed to have almost no foot traffic, any given show will likely be good for some dealers, depending on what they are selling. I’ve found that shows tend to have character, particularly the small local ones that people do not travel to. I have been to local shows that are attended by mostly bullion stackers. Dealers that carry bullion do very well; those that focus more on numismatics do not. In a locality less than 30 miles away, there is a regular show that is largely coin collectors. Exclusive bullion dealers seldom sell much at all while the coin focused dealers do well. Understand the character of the local shows that you are considering attending and adjust your schedule to attend shows that fit your inventory.

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